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History Lesson November 2, 2011





Diplomatic Balance


Summer Math

Keys to Success                                           Math Papers

Class Trip

American Heroes: Abraham Lincoln            Lewis and Clark: A Scientific Journey                     

The Mound Builders                                    The Real Thomas Edison                  

Other Useful Links

Microsoft Office for Free                           Adobe Reader                                Flash

Study Skills

History Web Links

China -- Natural Resources (Lesson 1)     China -- Religions (Lesson 2)         China -- From Tan to Manchu (Lesson 3)

China -- Monguls to the Manchu (Lesson 4)                                                   China Review

The European Renaissance (Lesson 1)                                                            The European Renaissance (Lesson 2)

The European Renaissance (Lesson 3)                                                            The European Renaissance (Lesson 4)

Renaissance Review

Islam and the West in the Age of the Ottoman -- Lesson 1&2

Islam and the West in the Age of the Ottoman -- Lesson 3&4

Martin Luther and the Reformation -- Lessons 1&2

Martin Luther and the Reformation -- Lessons 3&4

Luther's Reformation Review

Science, Technology and the Enlightenment -- Lesson 1                                  Science, Technology and the Enlightenment -- Lesson 2

Science, Technology and the Enlightenment -- Lesson 3                                  Science, Technology and the Enlightenment -- Lesson 4

Science, Technology and the Enlightenment Review Quiz

The Industrial Revolution -- Lesson 1                                                             The Industrial Revolution -- Lesson 2

The Industrial Revolution -- Lesson 3                                                             The Industrial Revolution -- Lesson 4

The Industrial Revolution Review

The French Revolution -- Lesson 1                                                                The French Revolution -- Lesson 2

The French Revolution -- Lesson 3                                                                The French Revolution -- Lesson 4

A&E -- The French Revolution

The Russian Revolution

The Totalitarian Age


China and Japan in the Modern Age

Rise of the Modern Middle East

Civil War                                                  Civil War 1861                              1861 Jeopardy

                                                                Civil War 1862                              1862 Jeopardy

                                                                Civil War 1863                              1863 Jeopardy

                                                                Civil War 1864 

                                                                Civil War 1865 

Bull Run Video 1                                      Bull Run Video 2

The Gilded Age                                        The Unfinished Nation

Dream Trip Spreadsheet                           Map Study

Citizenship Test                                        This Day in History                         Today's Front Pages                                  Inauguration Day

Great Economics Lesson                          The Roaring 20's and Great Depression                                                            The Great Depression

World War II

Intoduction to Economics

Science Web Links

Science 5-6 Review Experiments 1-9         Science Jeopardy Review Experiments 10-18          Science Review Experiments 10-18

Unit One Review                                        Unit Two Review                          Unit Three Review                                    Textbook Resources

Ecosystem Video                                       Unit B PowerPoint                        Weather

Chemistry: The Properties of Matter


The Eye

Grammar Web Links

Subjects and Predicates                    Mad Libs                           Direct Object                      Indirect Object                Predicate Nominative

Transitive and Intransitive                  Active and Passive Voice

Math Web Links

Multiplication Games                        Math Games                                           8th Grade Math Games

Music Links

The Purpose of Creating Music

Introduction to Music                       The Purpose of Creating Music               Musical Eras


Peter and the Wolf                        Peter and the Wolf Part One                      Peter and the Wolf Part Two

Art Web  Links

Oragami folded snowflake            Six sided snowflake                Directions for six sided 3D-snowflakes

Directions for snowflakes             Two Point Perspective

How to Draw Eyes                      How to Draw a Nose             How to Draw a Mouth

Reading Web Links

Prohibition                                        The Great Depression

Audacity Podcast Software             Lame MP3  Converter for Audacity