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Our church offerings, given in thankfulness to the Lord for his many blessings, should be our main support for our school. Tuition also assists in support for our school. There are other community programs available to aid our school in attaining free merchandise, money, etc. They each take very little effort and some are projects that you may be able to do with your children.  As you can see, there are many ways of helping out our school with very little effort. These little things can make a big difference.

If you would like to help cut labels, please let us know. Thank you so much for your help.
Click here for a copy of the list of eligible General Mill’s products from which we can clip the Box Tops for Education labels. These labels earn, for the school, 10 cents per point. Some items earn 3 and 5 points. If we all work hard at collecting these, those dimes add up very quickly.  Eligible products, recipes, and special promotions are updated weekly at the website: There is also a Marketplace on the site which offers even more ways to receive donations from Boxtops 4 Ed. Please note: do not save Betty Crocker labels.
Save the whole label or clip the bar codes from any of the items on the Campbell’s list, which is included on theflip side of the Box Top’s list. (Please do not cut out just the front labels, because we need the bar codes.) Certain items are worth 5 points and there are, at times, bonus coupons offered at the stores for extra points when buying a certain quantity of Campbell’s items. You can also check their website for other special promotions at:
Stop at the service desk of your local Pick ‘N Save store to register for the WE CARE program. They will link your Advantage card to our school number, 949325. Every time you make a purchase, using your Advantage card at any Pick ‘N Save in the state, our school will be credited.  We get a percentage of your purchases returned to us in the form of a check.
Save all of your local McDonald's food reciepts.  Turn in your McDonald’s receipts to us and each one of them will earn 10 cents each. They will accept only receipts from their restaurants located in Southeastern Wisconsin.
Thrivent members can donate to two non-profit groups per year. Thrivent matches these funds at $0.50 for every $1.00 that you donate to our school or church. Call the office for a form with our number pre-printed on it or, call us if you need more information. Many businesses also match funds to the charity of your choice. Contact your Human Resource Department to find out if your employer participates.
Our parent/teacher support group, WOLFPAC also organizes two fundraisers per year. Those are yet to be determined. If you’d like to be in on that decision making process, please plan on joining our group.