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St. John's Lutheran School, Milwaukee and Word of Life Lutheran School, Milwaukee offer the following combined interscholastic
sports teams:
Fall                                                              Winter                                                          Spring
Boy's Soccer                                             Boy's Basketball                                         Wrestling   
Cross Country                                           Girl's Basketball                                         Track
Girl's Volleyball                                        Girl's Cheerleading                                     Coed Softball
Mr. Tyler Morgan, the 5th grade teacher at Word of Life Lutheran School serves as athletic director. If you have questions for Mr.Morgan, please call 507-276-4057 or email him.

Athletic practices are held at St. John's Lutheran School, 4001 S. 68th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53220.

Schedules for each of the sports teams can be found by contacting Mr. Morgan, checking the sports bulletin board outside of Mr. Morgan's room or clicking on the sports link above.

A permission slip is required for your child to participate in sports. A copy is available here or by talking to Mr. Morgan.


Parents wishing to help with coaching should contact Mr. Morgan. Mr. Morgan determines which qualified volunteers will serve as coaches. Please read the Coach's Handbook and the Athletic Handbook for students. Parents are also asked to sign an Agreement to the Athletic Handbook document. All coaches are WELS members in good standing at Centennial, St. Andrew, St. John's Lutheran churches or another WELS congregation.  For more examination of these documents, please view our document section.

Parents who have questions about sports, are asked to contact Mr. Morgan. He will listen to your concerns and assist you in solving whatever difficulties you or your child are facing. Please remember that because of sin, no solution is easy. You may be asked to talk to another parent or the coach first. We pray that in Christian love this approach may prove successful. If you and Mr. Morgan need to solve the problem privately or with other parents, please be reminded that his decision is final. If you are unhappy with Mr. Morgan's decision, you may contact your child's principal. He will help you understand the decision that was made or assist you in appealing Mr. Morgan's decision to the Board of Education. Decisions of the Board of Education are not able to be appealed. 

Parents and students are all reminded that commitment to a team is important. Show Christian love and commitment to your teammates. Parents, work together to show your children how to live their Christianity on and off the court or field of play.

We thank the following parents and volunteers who have coached or are currently coaching our children.