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The main objectives of Word of Life Lutheran School are:
  • to teach God's Word diligently in obedience to His divine command
  • to provide for the temporal and eternal welfate of the child by means of complete Christian education
  • to thoroughly educate children in the fundamentals of the Lutheran faith
  • to build Christian character through Christian instruciton and fellowship
  • to support parenthood and home life for the purpose of strengthening the very base of human society
  • to support and strengthen Centennial and St. Andrew congregations and the church at large
  • to develop Christian citizenship grounded in obedience to God and His Word
  • to teach all subjects from a Christian viewpoint
  • to train our children to be disciples for Christ
Click here for details on each area of our curriculum.
  • A full curriculum as outlined by the State of Wisconsin
  • Standards and results that exceed the national, state and local averages
  • Christian worship and prayer
  • Daily scripture study
  • Christian value-based education
  • Reading instruction which includes phonics as a tool for better reading
  • Separate grammar and writing instruction
  • Departmentalized science, history and language arts
  • Computer and Internet instruction
  • Instruction in music and art - piano and band lessons are also available at a reasonable cost
  • Physical education and interscholastic activities for boys and girls in
Track and Field
Cross Country

More detailed information about curriculum standards can be obtained by contacting the school office.