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Enrolling Your Child
To enroll your child in Word of Life Lutheran School, you need to set up a meeting with the principal.
Call 281-7808 for more information or to set up an enrollment visit.
The school handbook fully describes the simple enrollment process which is meant to begin the partnership between school and family.  We are here to assist you in the education and discipleship of your child. An open, personal relationship with the principal and your child's teacher will begin that process.

Click here for a complete admissions packet.

Parental Choice Programs

You may qualify to send your child to our school for free. The Milwaukee Parental Choice, Racine Choice and Wisconsin Choice  programs have been put in place to allow parents who otherwise could not afford private education for their children to afford such education. The programs are based on financial need and residency. Check out the chart below to see if you qualify. If you do, visit the Milwaukee Parental Choice website or call the school office for more information.
Houehold Size Milwaukee and Racine Income Wisconsin Income
1 $38,640.00 $28.336.00
2 $52,260.00 $38,324.00
3 $65,880.00 $48,312.00
4 $79,500.00 $58,300.00
5 $93,120.00 $68,288.00
6 $106,740.00 $78,276.00
Add for each additional member $13,620.00                                 $9,988.00

Married parents get an extra $7,000.00 income credit.
Student Testing for Grade Placement
Children will generally be admitted to any grade upon the receipt of the permanent record showing successful completion of the earlier grades in the previous school attended. However, Word of Life Lutheran School reserves the right to determine a different grade placement if personal observation and / or testing warrant it. This would be done in full consultation with the child’s parents. Word of Life also reserves the right during the year to discuss with parents a different grade placement for a child having difficulty at his / her current grade level.