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Classroom Information

We are proud of the hard work of our teachers. We are thankful for the loving parents who send their children to Word of Life. We strive to bring success to our students by helping them move from where they are to a greater level of success. Because of our small size, it is extremely easy to contact our faculty. Just come in and talk to them before or after school. Our teachers can also be contacted by text and by phone -- they share that information with all of our parents.
The CONTACT US navigation link allows you to contact any of our teachers via e-mail.
To the right, you can see our classroom schedules, classroom management materials and other information the teachers think will help with their communication with parents and the progress of their students.
If you would like additional information listed, please contact the teacher.
Other items may be available by navigating to FORMS or DOWNLOADABLE ITEMS.
K4                Stacy Martinez
                     Classroom Materials
K5                Mrs. Lisa Reckzin
                     Classroom Materials
Grades 1-2  Mrs. Teri Berg
                     Classroom Materials
Grades 3-4  Ms. Taylor Stewart
                     Classroom Materials 
                     Grade 3 Schedule
                     Grade 4 Schedule
Grades 5-6  Ms. Katrina Stellick
                     Classroom Materials
                     Grade 5 Schedule
                     Grade 6 Schedule
Grades 3-8  Gail Ellsworth
                     Classroom Materials
Grades 7-8  Mr. Philip Krueger
                     Classroom Materials  
                     Grade 7 Schedule
                     Grade 8 Schedule