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Mentoring Program

Mentoring is the act of helping someone who is less experienced.
At Word of Life School, there are manhy ways in which people can be mentored or mentor others.

Get involved in our parent organization the WOLFPAC. Talk to Mr. Krueger or Mrs. Berg about getting involved.

One process works through Centennial Lutheran Church. At Centennial, all members, or those wishing to be more active in the church, are placed into member care groups. The member care groups are led by longtime members of the congregation who wish to help their fellow believers grow in their faith and their membership in the church. Care group leaders contact three or four other families each month to encourage the partner family, answer questions or share important information from the church.

Word of Life has students from many diverse backgrounds. Some are new to the country, have English as a second language or still have a strong connection to an ethnicity originating outside the United States. Word of Life has seperate orientation nights for Spanish and Burmese native speakers. Bilingual parents who have been part of the Word of Life family help us answer questions for families, explain policies and build friendships. Similar meetings are held quarterly.

Some students could use additional support from Christian men and women. Former Word of Life students have received this while making relationships at church. Some have come to know and respect adult tutors who come into the school to assist teachers and students. Others have benefited from the friends their parents have made at Word of Life. Of course, many students have grown as Christians through the Christian example of their friend's parents.

If you would like to know more about how the Word of Life family can serve you or your family, contact the school office at 414-281-7808.
If you would like to volunteer to help at Word of Life, contact the school office at 414-281-7808.

Volunteer opportunities:

Cutting grass
Shoveling snow
Building maintenance
Copying papers
Making copies for teachers
Correcting papers
Entering grades
Tutoring students
Reading to students
Listening to students read
Teaching music lessons

Call 414-281-0820 to help.